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Frequently Asked Questions

Which equipment standards do SIFE harness & container systems meet?

SIFE rigs are build according to the USA FAA Technical Standard Order (TSO C-23f). The USA FAA Technical Standard Order is without any doubt the most accepted equipment standard worldwide and therefore we established all production standards regarding TSO C-23f.

Which authority issued the type certification of SIFE?

SIFE is based in Austria. Therefore the competent authority is the Austro Control GmbH.

Can SIFE be jumped in the US?


Can SIFE be jumped in the US by US citizens?

Please contact the FAA for this question, before ordering your SIFE rig.

Can SIFE be jumped in France by french citizens?

Yes. SIFE rigs are also certified by the French direction générale de l'Aviation civile according to QACI 121.

Find more information about TSO tests and approvals here:

What kind of quality control does the design and production organization have?

The design and production organization has a strict quality control system with internal and external audits.

Can I test jump a SIFE rig?

If you are interested in test jumping a SIFE rig, please contact or meet us at one of our demo tours. Please find us on Facebook and join the SIFE family to stay upto-date.

How can I find a dealer?

Please contact to find the right dealer next to you.

Are you selling directly off factory?

If you cannot find your appropriate dealer next to you, we guarantee for the fitting of your rig. During the ordering process you can upload pictures of yourself while taking the measurements. We will check your measurements and take care that your rig is fitting perfectly to your individual body measurements.