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Dominic Roithmair

Sife is the rising star of gear manufacturers!

If friends ask you to test jump their self-made skydiving rig, you do it.
If then you realise that this is one of the best rigs and the most comfortable one you have ever jumped, it is a dream coming true. read more

A company that guarantees Austrian quality combined with passion for perfection in every detail. It is a huge honour to help, develop and represent SIFE as it is the rising star of skydiving gear manufacturers.

As we are covering every discipline of the sport it is awesome to have such a motivated designer of the most important part of your equipment right "next door"!

What I like most about the SIFE? How it feels when I am orbiting through the atmosphere in any body position, when I am wingsuiting or when I am throwing myself into a big-time swoop at any location. It works just perfect!!!

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Marco Fürst

The black hardware makes your rig look badass!

In my opinion the leg straps are some of the widest and softest you can find on a sport rig, while sitting under my canopy I almost forget I have a rig on. I have not seen any sport rigs with a softer leg pad, giving me a more comfortable seat under my canopy. read more

I love the Floating Laterals, the most innovative improvement in harness design in the last decades. It is a "semi-passive system" that automatically adjusts to give the wearer more comfort during the canopy flight. While deploying the main parachute, the lateral strap is given some room to allow a slight increase in dimension. That in turn feels like the harness adjusts by itself for more comfort after opening.

I really like the black hardware because it makes your rig look badass.

Also the large riser loops with teflon cable are awesome because after the main risers get out of the rig they stand upright immediately.

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Marco Waltenspiel

Good people, good vibes, awesome rigs!

First of all I am super happy that Austria got his first national production of skydiving rigs. I love to be part of the process and to see how precisely they work!
To come by at the company is always special for me. I feel like a kid in a toy-store!

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Georg Lettner

I would definitely recommend Sife!

Sife is an amazing and reliable rig. It scores with excellent processing and an innovative design. read more

For me the Sife rig is the most comfortable rig on the market because of the wide leg pads and the appropriate fit.

If you are looking for a new rig, I would definitely recommend Sife.

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Felix Seifert

Precise production, unbeatable comfort!

The achievement, to set new guidelines with the first edition of a new harness is unbelievable. The variety of designing options made Sife becoming a masterpiece in the production of skydiving harnesses!

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